|06 notes| Friday, Aug 8 at 4:11 am

Adam and Eve tied together by fate.  Finally finished this.  I really underestimated the time it would take to color all 500 leaves I decided had to be in this composition.  Fun to draw, torturous to ink and color.  At least it’s done.  Enjoy!

Copic marker, gold watercolor, brush pen, pencil

|0| Monday, Jul 7 at 4:45 am

Finished up an old sketch.  Now I can start finishing some of the newer pieces.  It’s interesting how the color scheme changed from what I originally had envisioned, but I’m satisfied with how it turned out in its deviated state.  Everyone needs a little dark angel in their life right?

Progress shots of this can be found on my shared daily blog at: www.brad-n-fab.tumblr.com

Copic marker, gold watercolor, brush pen, pencil

|01 note| Tuesday, Jun 24 at 5:16 am

Drew this a while ago, but just now managed to finish it.  I think I was avoiding all the details I would have to face on her kimono.  Anyway, she is another weather deity making some clouds.  Good to have an overcast night, right? 

Progress shots of this in the works can be found on my shared daily sketch blog: www.brad-n-fab.tumblr.com

-Copic marker, gold watercolor, brush pen, pencil.

|02 notes| Tuesday, Jun 10 at 3:42 am


Finally finished the full sketch.  More plant life may be added later when I go to color this and feel it’s lacking, but for right now there is enough.  Enough.


-Lopez, over and out.

Took me a while to finish this sketch so thought I’d drag it over from the shared sketch blog.  Adam and Eve for your viewing pleasure.

via brad-n-fab (originally brad-n-fab)
|04 notes| Wednesday, May 21 at 3:27 am

Sketched this out a while ago and finally got around to finishing it.  I have a no-unfinished-work policy for this particular sketchbook so I have two more illustrations I need to color.  I have never tried an underwater piece before so a lot of experimentation went on in the making of this.  I love the ocean and sea life so it was fun to draw all the little fish in the background. Enjoy!

Copic marker, brush pen, gold watercolor (on the necklace), pencil.

|02 notes| Sunday, May 18 at 3:03 am

Carrying on with the colorful experiments.  This one became accidentally very rainbow-riffic.  The photo also does not do the bright color justice.  Some shades are in highlighter range.

Copic marker, brush pen, pencil

|07 notes| Sunday, May 4 at 9:20 pm

Trying out a more simplified, graphical style and then flooded bright colors on it.  It was actually….. a lot of fun!  Hopefully no one’s eyes are wounded by this.

Copic Marker, brush pen, pencil

|015 notes| Sunday, Feb 16 at 11:50 pm

Nothing like being on vacation and drawing Hannibal fanart.  It was a good exercise in more realistic work.  Of course I am turning this in right before the deadline.  I enjoy this show so much and cannot wait for season 2 to come out!

Copic marker, microns and pencil.

|02 notes| Wednesday, Jan 8 at 3:09 am

It’s been a while since I drew anything so a warm-up piece was due.  I was thinking along the lines of a weather deity just lazily strolling around the atmosphere and making cloud cover for us to enjoy in the morning.  It seemed like a good idea anyway…This piece was especially hard to capture the colors correctly and they’re still not right, but I gave up trying to right them.  (The blue in his kimono is a bit more purple, but you can imagine it right?)  Ugh.

Made with copic marker, brush pen and silver watercolor for the moon.